The training

Target of the training : professional journalists and journalism students from public, private and community radios and social activists in all regions of Senegal and West Africa. The program encourages the participation of women, people living with a disability and the young adults, to facilitate their inclusion in the filed of the production and distribution of information.

Duration of the training: 3 months, with one-on-one on-line sessions for all participants and one 2-week hands-on workshop. During the training the trainees will develop and produce a documentary to be used for an awareness campaign.

Over the training the trainees will learn how to:

  • develop, finance and produce radio content suitable for social campaigns
  • design and implement awareness campaigns in collaboration with other entities (NGO, organizations, community based associations…)
  • use new technologies and new media (including social networks) to produce and broadcast reality-based content aimed at broad social change

Results and Outputs

1- Production and distribution of radio documentaries about issues important for the communities

2- Capacity building for journalists and activists (especially women and young adults)

3- Training of trainers (workshop participants will acquire the skills to train their peers) 4- Regional and national Network of journalists and activists skilled to raise awareness on the media (mainstream media and new media)